Worms Alive is a home business that is located in Traralgon, Victoria

 Started initially as a hobby business by me, as I wanted to breed worms for fishing.
It was difficult to purchase small quantities of live worms locally for fishing bait, so I started breeding my own!

 It kind of got ‘out of hand’ as I was experimenting with breeding different worm types, resulting in larger quantities of worms than I could use… so the next step was to make them available for other people.

 I make my own compost, and I mix up my own worm food.
I have a good friend that owns horses, so I have a regular supply of horse manure, which is the worms favourite bedding material.

 I’m semi-retired, mainly as it is impossible to find paid work when you are over 60!
Breeding and selling the worms provides a semi-regular income that allows me to survive without needing to turn to Centrelink for help.

Jaime Drysdale