Worm Food

Available in 200g and 500g quantities.

A special blend of the ingredients that we have found to work exceptionally well for fattening up worms. None of the ingredients are harmful if you are fattening up worms to feed your pets.

Both European Nightcrawlers and Red Wigglers love this food (all worm species in fact, would love this food).
The inclusion of calcium carbonate in the form of powdered egg shells helps to lower the pH of the bedding.

This food is for use with worms that are for fishing or feeding your worm eating pets. It’s pointless giving this to composting worms as they will eat this rather than eating your composting food scraps (which will go uneaten, turn mouldy, and ruin your bedding).

Feeding your worms a high protein diet…

  • Never feed your worms more than they can eat in 3 days. If excessive food remains uneaten, it will go mouldy.
  • Always start with a small amount until you understand how much your worms will eat.
  • The amount you feed your worms will also depend on your type of worm bedding. Beddings such as manure and compost contain a lot of natural worm food. So in these cases, use even less, until you understand how much they will consume in the 3 day period.
  • Sprinkle the food evenly on the surface, but only cover 30% to 50% of the surface area. The worms need an area free from food for breeding and to get away from food if they need to (this goes for composting worms too. You should never place food scraps over the entire surface area).
  • It’s recommended to cover the food with a worm blanket (clean unprinted cardboard is perfect).
    • This will stop fruit flies and soldier flies laying eggs in the food.
  • Do not mix the food in to the bedding. Otherwise you will not be able to keep track of how much the worms are eating.
  • After all the food has been consumed, wait for at least 1 day before feeding them again (to make sure all the food has been eaten).