Euro Nightcrawler Small Breeders x 500


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*These worms are currently too small for fishing, but they could be used for feeding smaller pets (or give 2 or 3 to medium to large Axolotls, turtles etc.).

If the worms are being delivered (Express Post orders):
They will be in a sealed plastic tub (as per the shop image).

If the worms are being picked up (Click & Collect orders):
They will be in a woven polypropylene bag:

It is highly recommended that they be moved to a worm farm as soon as possible:
To keep worm stress to a minimum; pour the entire contents into your worm farm. The worms (at their own pace) will move into the farm bedding to get food. 

  • This package contains 450 to 550 *Small Breeder European Nightcrawler worms.
    *Small breeder Euros are up to 4 months old and are mature enough to lay cocoons.
  • Small breeder worms are very hard to count or weigh, so quantities are estimated.