Euro Nightcrawler Worm Farm (1,000 juvenile worms)


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Established Fishing/Pet Food Worm Farm

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  • These worms are currently too small for fishing or feeding your pets, they will need to be grown out.
  • This Worm Farm contains approx. 1,000 *juvenile European Nightcrawler worms.
    *Juvenile Euros are up to 3 months old and may take 3 to 6 months to reach full size (depending on their environment and the type of food they are fed).
  • This Worm Farm is fitted with a Digital Thermometer with probe that goes into the bedding so you can see exactly what temperature your worms are:
  • For more information on caring for your worm farm, including feeding instructions, visit the Worm Farms page.

This Worm Farm is ideal for growing your own Fishing Bait worms or Pet Food.
You can feed them veg and fruit food leftovers or fatten them up quicker on worm food.