How long will your packaged worms live after you’ve received them?


European Nightcrawlers (any size) supplied in the 20, 40 and 60 quantities:

European Nightcrawlers (packed as fishing worms or pet food) should survive in their container with the lid on for two weeks as long as their storage temperature is kept between 7° & 28°. Their bedding should be moist, but not wet.
With the lid on, the moisture should be maintained adequately for at least 2 weeks.

European Nightcrawlers are a large worm and there is not a lot of food in the shipping containers. It is strongly recommended that you refrigerate the worms if you will not be using them within a few days. When refrigerated they will enter hibernation where they will survive for up to three months.
Be sure your fridge is not too cold as the worms will die if they freeze.

European Nightcrawler juveniles supplied in the 500 and 1,000 quantities:

European Nightcrawlers (packed as Composting Worms) should not be kept in the container they were shipped in, they should be moved as soon as possible to a worm farm or larger tub with more bedding and food.
You should have a worm farm set up for these worms prior to ordering them.

Red Wigglers supplied in the 500 and 1000 quantities:

Red Wigglers (packed as Composting Worms) need to be moved to a worm farm as soon as possible. There is not enough food in the bedding to maintain them for very long.
You should have a worm farm set up for these worms prior to ordering them.

European Nightcrawler Worm Cocoons in any quantity:

The cocoons can be left in the shipping container until they hatch. But they are likely to hatch quicker if in an environment better suited to them. Full instructions are supplied on the Worm Cocoons page.