European Nightcrawlers

The European nightcrawler  is a medium-large earthworm averaging about 1.5 g when fully grown. Generally blueish, pink-grey (cf. Latin veneta meaning “sea-blue”) in colour with a banded or striped appearance, the tips of their tails are often cream or pale yellow.

The Euro Nightcrawlers are very hardy and will tolerate a wide range of temperatures. They will hibernate when the temperature drops below 4° and can hibernate for up to three months. Many other worms would die if exposed to near 0° degree temperatures for an extended period.

  • Feeding your (larger) worm eating pets
  • Live fishing bait (for fresh and brackish water)
  • Composting (their higher price makes them less popular for composting)

Europeans have a thicker skin, which makes them an ideal fishing worm, as they stay on the hook better increasing catch rates. Click here to watch a video on rigging live worms for fishing.